How to save changes made to a pdf file

Aug 2, 2022 Armidale

How to save changes made to a pdf file
for several years I have been saving pdf files and using the highlighter and sticky note features. the changes could be saved. recently when I try to
Step 1 Open your .doc document with Kingsoft Writer. To track changes made to .doc file: Step 1 Open .doc document in Kingsoft Writer Free. Step 2 Go to Tools and select Track Changes. Or simply press Ctrl + Shift + E to enable Track Changes option. To show revision marks in the PDF file: When you export doc file to PDF, in the Export Adobe PDF File dialog box, click More and tick the
24/04/2009 · If I embed an excel or word doc from my local hard drive or a shared drive and I make changes to the files and “save” then it works perfectly (the changes show up when I open the files from within Onenote). But, Revu doesn’t. If I make a change and press “save” (as opposed to save as) it still brings up the dialog box asking to save where, etc.

how do i save changes made to a pdf file (Acrobat Reader)

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